Brewing Gynostemma Tea Guide

Several Gynostemma tea experts will guide you on the best way to brew your tea. While their guidance is valuable, there are several other factors that affect the preparation of tea, such as your mood, the time of the day, the water you use and the quality of tea leaves available in your city. The same tea will be different from country to country, from batch to batch – depending on the weather and season in which it has been prepared, and the time it has taken for import.

There are several ways to brewing your tea and you must keep experimenting with it until you get the final taste as per your satisfaction. After the water temperature, the ratio of tea to water, the duration of brewing and also the cup you usually drink tea in. You will realize that the taste will be different each time. And after several experiments, you’ll have a variety to choose from and you can prepare what you like, sensing your mood and activity for a particular day.

Gynostemma Brewing and Directions for Preparation

There are two ways to brew your Gynostemma tea: infusion and decoction. While these terms may sound new to you, the actual methods are simple and something you do on a day-to-day basis. Infusion is nothing but herbs soaked in hot water – when you put some tea leaves/tea bag in a cup and pour hot water over it. The decoction is when you boil the leaves in water to prepare your tea.

Brewing Gynostemma – Infusion Method

Put 1 tsp of Gynostemma leaves in a cup and pour 250 ml of hot water to it. Let the mixture infuse for about 3 to 10 minutes, and your tea is ready. You can also let the leaves remain for longer since the taste of Gynostemma just becomes sweeter over time.

There is no rule for infusion time and therefore, you can vary the same to get the best taste. You can also do multiple infusions reusing the leaves. This way you will be able to enjoy a unique aroma with each infusion.

Brewing Gynostemma – Decoction Method

If you enjoy the aroma and flavor of infused Gynostemma tea, you will be surprised to experience what you can get through decoction. Boil the leaves in hot water for about 1 to 3 minutes and remove it from the fire. Pour into a glass or thermos and enjoy sipping it slowly.

Brewing in the Sun Method

Gynostemma tea can also be prepared in the sun. Take a glass jar with some water and add 1 tsp tea leaves for every 250 ml. Cover the jar and leave under direct sunlight for approximately 2 hours. You may now enjoy this tea as it is, or chill it and serve with some ice if you are drinking it in the warm weather.

Gynostemma tea has a delicate flavor that may get subdued by the chemicals present in tap water. To avoid this, use pure water or spring water to enjoy the actual taste of the herb.

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