15 Tips About Gynostemma From Industry Experts

There is a lot of research going on around this five-leafed plant called Gynostemma. It is so new that not many people know much about it. Here are some special tips are given by industry experts about Gynostemma. Reading these, you will be able to understand how the herb must be consumed so that it can be beneficial to your life:

      1.Side Effects – Gynostemma leaves are safe to be taken by mouth for short-term. People can develop symptoms like nausea or increased bowel movement if they continue to consume Gynostemma for a long period. So, experts advise that you must observe after four months of you taking Gynostemma to judge if it suits you or not.
      2.Warnings in pregnant females – When a female is pregnant, then at that time she should try to avoid the intake of Gynostemma as there is a known component in it which can cause birth defects in the baby.
      3.Precautions for breastfeeding females – Studies are still going on and nothing is definite till now, but it is advised by experts that breastfeeding females should try to avoid having Gynostemma.
      4.Increases auto-immune diseases – If you are suffering from auto-immune diseases, then it is advised for you to not have Gynostemma as it further improves your immunity system which could have a negative effect on your health.
      5.Bleeding disorder – Gynostemma is known to reduce blood clotting. It can make any bleeding disorders worse. So, avoid it if you have any such problems.

      6.Surgery – If you have a surgery scheduled, then you should stop having Gynostemma at least two weeks prior to the surgery. Having Gynostemma can cause an increase in bleeding after the surgery.
      7.Dosage – You should not take more than 10 grams, thrice daily in your diet.
      8.Long working hours – If you have long working hours or have a hectic job, then you must have Gynostemma daily in the form of tea or capsule. It helps you in feeling energized and active. It boosts your stamina.
      9.Substitute to sugar – If you want to avoid sugar and want to intake a natural source of sweetening, then you can use Gynostemma. It has saponin which gives it a naturally sweet flavor that is not harmful to the body.
      10.Good for heart patients – If you have cholesterol, high blood pressure or any kind of heart problem, then having Gynostemma would really help you. It improves overall heart functioning.
      11.Improves memory – If you are suffering from poor memory or too much stress, then you should have Gynostemma. It has adaptogens which help in giving relief to the human brain and controls stress.
      12.Weight loss – It is very good for people who are trying to lose weight. It increases the overall metabolism of the body and is really effective.
      13.Prevents cancer – As per various studies, it has been proved that Gynostemma helps prevent the body against cancer and can be used in the treatment of cancer in chemotherapy. It is beneficial mainly for colon, liver and lung cancer.
      14.Work as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agent – It has components which prevent oxidation effect and helps protect the body against various diseases.
      15.Tastes good – It has a sweet flavor. This is due to the presence of a natural sweetening taste that Gynostemma has.

Gynostemma Experts these days recognize it as the best herbal tea available. So, don’t think twice and get yours today.

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